Payment Terms

CPA Affiliate Network made for Advertisers & Publishers!

Payment terms!

We have the most competitive payment terms from the market!

*** NET-30 (for traffic & leads analysis) with a minimum to cash-out of just $100, is the first payment you will receive).

  • We need to analyze your traffic before paying, we don’t want that but we definitely don’t want surprises!

*** NET-15 (This term is used for your second payment received from us and the minimum for cash-out is $150).

*** Weekly (After your first two payments, you will automatically receive weekly payments with a minimum of $250).

  • Payments will be processed in every day of friday for the previous week.

*** Daily Payments (hurray!!! from now on, you will receive daily payment if your account hit $500 in 24 hours – from 07:00 in the morning at 07:00 in the morning on the next day!).

***If you want to see payments proofs and reviews from our super-affiliates, please follow this link: AFFPAYING

We want our Affiliates Payments to be secure and with no delays!

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